Touch Screens

Touch screens are used in a variety of situations these days in addition to being a common element in POS systems. Informational kiosks, medical offices, gaming, and industrial production lines all utilize touch screens. We feature touch screens that are built for harsh environments and can withstand heavy usage. Touch screens generally fall into three design technologies:
  • Resistive (5 Wire) touch is widely used in demanding workplace environments such as POS systems, industrial controls and some medical systems. This pressure sensitive technology is responsive to any input device, including finger, glove, stylus or other contact point that creates an internal electrical contact in the screen.
  • Capacitive touch is extremely durable and while offering higher clarity than resistive screens, limits the input to finger contact. The finger touch acts as a capacitor, drawing current from the screen. Capacitive touch screens are prominent in gaming, kiosk and other industrial areas where heavy use and extreme environmental considerations are vital factors.
  • Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) relies upon wave absorption by finger or glove to identify the touched area. Needing a rather clean environment, SAW touch screens can be the choice for training class settings and point of information kiosks.

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