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Our goal at TouchPOS is to provide best of breed solutions that are affordable for restaurants, retail establishments and salons/spas. There are many hardware manufacturers for the components of POS systems - terminals, touchscreens, printers, cash drawers, scanners, pole displays, MSRs, etc. In addition, there are many publishers of the software needed to run these systems. In some cases, the software is "proprietary" and will only run on certain platforms and with specific peripherals. In almost all cases, the configuration of the various hardware components will vary from installation to installation. For these reasons, purchasing a solution for your business is not an easy task.

If you are new to POS you should evaluate the software you want to use before making a hardware purchase. Most software will run on a common PC, although without all the features that are hardware dependent, such as touch screens (you will use your mouse instead), pole displays, scanners, etc. But being able to check out the menuing system, the ease of set-up and configuration, the features supported, and how well the features align with the needs of your business is critical before purchasing anything.

The biggest players in vertical industries, such as Micros in the restaurant/hospitality industry, sell their software bundled with hardware. This ensures the compatibility of what they are selling and makes support easier. When cost is not a factor, this is a luxury for a business and potentially one less headache. Many businesses, especially those starting out, do not have this luxury and need to find the right price point that allows them to efficiently run their business in a way they can afford. At TouchPOS we offer software solutions that are very robust and also affordable. Our all-in-one systems from Hewlett-Packard with Intuit POS software for the retail industry are a terrific, affordable and reliable entry point for retail shops. These same hardware systems running the award winning Salon Iris software for salons allow you to get up and running quickly, and later expand as your business grows.

For the restaurant industry, we feature two software solutions - Aldelo for all our customers, and Dinerware for our Chicago area customers. Both are well supported, reliable, robust and widely used in the restaurant, bar, and fast-food industries. When buying hardware for your restaurant, there won't be a single solution that can be packaged and sold. Much will depend on who you are and what you do. If you are pizza take-out establishment you will probably just need a front of the house register with cash drawer, card swipe, pole display and thermal printer. You may want an impact printer in the kitchen to print orders as they come in, and another terminal in the back of the house for delivery people to sign-in and get and dispatch orders.

A full service table seating restaurant that also has a bar and does take-out will probably need multiple stations, card swipes and printers, with cash drawers for the bar and hostess station. You need to decide if you are going to go wireless or will have wiring in place for your facility. Our sales representatives can help you with these decisions and find components that are right for you.

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