Openbravo FAQ

1. Openbravo POS does not display cash change value upon closing ticket. How do we display the change window so the cashier can see amount of change to return to the customer? 2. While trying to setup multiple printers, the print queue hit with the "Local downlevel document" and "No document name spooling" and the receipt never prints. What is the problem? We spent so much time trying to figure this out, but it turned out that the XML Resource file was the problem. Make sure you have the syntactically correct Printer.Ticket and Printer.TicketPreview XML resources. 3. PC Charge stopped working. We restarted the PC Charge Payment Server, we are getting the following error in the dialog box. "Run-time error '75': Path/File access error". This started to happen when we enabled System Log to see why the payment is not going through. By enabling System Log, the Active Charge creates the IOLog file in the Active-Charge Folder. Looking at the property of the Active-Charge folder, the Read-Only attribute was set. However, we were unable to remove the Read-Only attribute. The Microsoft Support article didn't help. We disabled Norton and it started working again. We needed to unblock port 31419. 4. Can someone suggest a serial scale that will work with Openbravo POS? There are many discussions about scale being supported, but we don't know what model and make we should choose. Any recommendation or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. According to Openbravo Hardware Installation guide, any SERIAL (RS-232) printer that supports Samsung or Dialog1 protocol will work with Openbravo POS. Many people claimed that they have gotten the Avery-Berkel (FX120 or 6700 Series), tillquist /stathmos, and Dibal G-series to work with Openbravo POS. We have just bought a Avery Berkel 6710 model, so we'll confirm how it integrates with Openbravo POS v2.20.
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