MiniMag USB Keyboard emulator 3-track black MSR

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The MiniMag reader is connected to the host computer via a USB input port. Since USB devices are designed to be “plug and play,” the computer will search for a Human Interface Device (HID) driver when the MiniMag is fi rst connected. If one cannot be found, the computer will prompt you to make a selection. The Windows CD may be needed to complete the installation. The magnetic stripe data is trasmitted and appears to the host as coming directly from the keyboard. This makes the reader, as a data source, completely transparent to the host’s application software. In other words, if it is expecting data from the keyboard, that same data can be entered via the MiniMag and make no difference to the host. If the host computer’s application software is expecting the MagStripe data in a particular order and format, the reader’s output can be confi gured to output a simulated keyboard-entered data stream by re-arranging data blocks, adding terminating characters and special preamble and/or postamble character strings to the decoded card data.

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