MiniMag Serial Interface 3-track black MSR

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The MiniMag reader is connected to the host computerís RS-232 communications port. The cable has a DB-9 connector at one end, and is connected to the reader at the other end. (An adapter can be used to connect to a DB-25 RS-232 port.) Data is transmitted to the host in an ASCII data format. The readerís output can be formatted with terminating characters and special preamble and/or postamble character strings to match the data format expected by the application. The terminal must be configured to accept the data and to perform the appropriate processing. Care must be taken to ensure that the RS-232 parameters (baud rate, data bits, Start/Stop characters, parity, and handshaking method) match those expected by the terminal. Use the MagSwipe Configuration Utility Application to program the reader, and a communication program (such as Procomm or Hyperterminal) to display the data. There is insuffi cient power available on a standard RS-232 serial port to power the MiniMag, so an external wall-mounted power module must be used. Connect the power cable from this unit to the power receptacle located on the DB-9 connector. Care must be taken to ensure the power module operates at less than +5 volts.

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