MiniMag Keyboard wedge 3-track black MSR

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The MiniMag reader is connected between the keyboard input port of the host computer and the keyboard itself using a “Y” adapter cable. The “Y” cable has a 6-pin mini-DIN female on one end, and a 6-pin mini- DIN male on the other end. The cable is attached to the reader. To connect the reader to the host, turn off the power and disconnect the keyboard from the computer. Connect the keyboard to the female end of the “Y” connector. Then insert the male end of the “Y” cable into the keyboard port. This “wedges” the reader between the host and the keyboard. Manually-entered data from the keyboard passes through the unit to the host, leaving the keyboard fully functional at all times. Magnetic stripe data is read and transmitted to the host keyboard port, where it appears to the host as coming directly from the keyboard. This makes the reader, a data source, completely transparent to the host’s application software. In other words, if it is expecting data from the keyboard, that same data can be entered via the MiniMag with difference to the host. If the host computer’s application software is expecting the MagStripe data in a particular order and format, the reader’s output can be confi gured to output a simulated keyboard-entered data stream by re-arranging data blocks, adding terminating characters and special preamble and/or postamble character strings to the decoded card data.

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